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We are musicians in Nigeria, having realized the immense potentials in the music industry and having noted that these potentials are not being employed in the best interest of the entire musicians in terms of benefits, now hereby resolve to establish a strong and virile Association to promote the interest of music and Nigerian musicians.

The name of the Association shall be “Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria” otherwise known as “PMAN” and hereinafter referred to as the “Association”

The registered office of the Association shall be 18 Adegbola Street, Ikeja or such other place as may be decided upon by the members through a resolution of the National Executive Council.


  1. To organize an Association of musicians who are engaged in the employment of the services of musical instrumentalist, producers, entertainment managers, arrangers etc in the performance of their duties, under a virile, strong and united body for their mutual benefits and welfare.
  2. To promote the study, practice and dissemination of the knowledge of music and musicology throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  3. (i)  To establish the machinery for negotiations between the Association and the representatives of other persons or bodies engaged in the use of the works of musicians    
    (ii) To determine by negotiating between the Association and the employees of members
         units or their representatives in matters relating to (i) above.
    (iii) To establish the machinery for negotiations between the Association and the         representatives of employees of members units at National level.
    (iv) To secure the equitable observance of Agreements so reached by negotiation.

  1. To support members bearing in mind their area of musical interest and their geographical area of operation.
    1. To engage in and organize the training and education of members generally and set up institution to facilitate such training and education in Nigeria.
    2. To eradicate or reduce the infringement of copyright throughout Nigeria by promoting the legalization and enforcement of relevant laws.
    3. To protect members of the Association for person whose character and circumstance render them unworthy of practice and participation in the music industry.
    4. To protect the creative and performing rights of all member musicians in Nigeria.
    5. To enter into Agreements with optical disc producers, Record label Owners, manufactures of optical discs and music cassettes, Broadcasting Organization, Hotels, Night Clubs, Concert Halls, Cinema House and other venue where music is used for public entertainment, for the payment of Royalties to members through the Association, as PMAN deems fit. This rule relives anybody or group hitherto from the responsibility and places it entirely on PMAN henceforth.
    6. To take such action as may be necessary and desirable for the purpose of avoiding industrial dispute.
    7. To give members all such possible assistance as is in the opinion of the members of the Association proper and desirable.
    8. (i)  To engage in the importation, exportation, manufacturing or distribution of musical instruments and accessories.

                    (ii) To liaise, affiliate or co-operate with bodies of musicians in other countries and                           other international organizations for the achievement and furtherance of the                           objects of the Association.

    1. To publish and distribute periodicals, newspapers, books, leaflets, documents, magazine, sheet music and other related publications and documents that the Association may deem desirable in the promotion of its interest and that of its members.
    2. To collect and disseminate statistical and other data and information relating to music and the music industries and bodies in Nigeria.
    3. To effect settlement of disputes pertaining to payment of royalties and other fees and entitlements between members and their recording companies and other commercial/industrial disputes whenever such occur.
    4. To promote co-operation, assistance and unity amongst individual members as well as mutual understanding amongst related Industries, Unions and Associations.
    5. To co-operate with, advise and make representations to government on all matters affecting musicians, performing Artistes and the Music Industry in Nigeria.
    6. To control and enforce all rules and regulations guiding the use of musical works and sound recordings of non-Nigerians in Nigeria, including the sales of records and collection of royalties thereon.
    7. To build Union Halls, theatre halls, Recording Studios and other related facilities subject to the availability of funds
    8. To organize joint recording and musical performance of members to promote unity and raise funds for the association and/or any charitable cause.
    9. To raise and maintain high standards of performance and conduct of practicing musicians in Nigeria.
    10. To set up awards in recognition of outstanding and worthy contribution to musical endavour and in furtherance of it in Nigeria.
    11. To serve as a pool of information and of continuous employment for musicians in Nigeria by keeping an up-to-date register of all members and their fields of specialization.
    12. To take adequate steps to protect members of the association from exploitation in anyway.
    13. To ensure that non-Nigerian musicians on visit, perform at the express permission of PMAN, in order to avoid the subversion of the above objectives.
    14. To perform and engage in the pursuit of other activities which in the opinion of the attainment of the above objects of the Association.
    15. To ensure that every practicing or performing musician becomes a member of the Association.

(1)       Membership shall be open to any musician:-

  1. Who in the course of the performance of his work engages other worker as his employees to accomplish his duties. He may be a person who plays a musical instrument or sings, or composes or arranges or conducts.
  2. Who has resident or working permit (in the case of non-Nigerians) or
  3. Who having become a member continues to fulfill his membership obligations as provided in the constitution.
    1. An intending member shall complete application forms issued by the Association which shall be submitted to the chapter exiting in his usual place of residence or to the National Headquarters if a chapter of the Association does not yet exit where he resides.
    2. Membership of a special or honorary character may be conferred on persons who have made outstanding contributions to the development of music in Nigeria, by the National Executive Council. Such special member shall be entitled to the same privileges as other members.
    3. A successful applicant shall be entitled to the Association’s card which shall be carried by the member at all times and produced upon demand by any Association official, the Police, or any person or group or group persons intending to use the service of the musician. The card carrier shall be entitled to the protection of the Association in whatever form subject to the determination of the National Executive Council.
    4. Membership shall be granted only on the approval of the National Working Committee of the Association.
    5. A member who changes residence form one area to another, shall be entitled to automatic membership of the Chapter in his new area, if the member obtains notification form his usual chapter stating that he is not in arrears of Association dues or levy and not in any way indebted to the Association. Such notification shall be obtained from the National Headquarters if a member is transferring from an area where a Chapter of the Association does not yet exit.
    6. All members shall be in possession of a job license before they can seek or accept jobs from any person or institution or engage in any paid activity requiring musical skill. The license shall be renewable periodically as specified by the National Working Committee.
    7. All members shall bind themselves faithfully to be governed by the decisions of the Association or its representatives so nominated by the Association to act on its behalf.
    8. All member shall be fair and just in their dealings with one another and shall not undermine the Association as an institution, or destroy or weaken the Association as a collective bargaining agency, or to carry on slander or libel of any member or officer of the Association.

The Government of the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria shall be vested in the following organs:-

    1. National Delegates Conference
    2. National Executive Council
    3. National Working Committee
    4. Chapter Executive Counc


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